Paws and Claws


Hours of Operation



Drop off: 6am - 9am

Pick up: 3pm - 6pm

No pick ups available after 6pm. Should your Dog need to spend the night unexpectedly, please feel welcome. If you pick up the next morning between 8am-9am, your charge will be an additional $10 only for the overnight. Otherwise you can pick up between 3-6pm and will pay the normal daycare rate.

Puppy Kindergarten is on Tuesday & Thursday.  

A time for your Pup to socialise and be managed to properly interact between peers of various ages, potty training, learning the basic 10 Commandments, Nap Time/Snack Time for puppies under 6 months of age, and the greatest Benefit, using up all that puppy enthusiasm for life guaranteeing dream filled nights for You!

100% Guilt Free Pet Parenting Ahead-

  • We accept puppies from 10 weeks and up. All puppies must have their first booster shots including Bordella (Kennel Cough) and flea prevention.
  • Bring verification of Shots/Flea. A Veterinarian receipt will have the update on the bottom half of the receipt.
  • All Puppies must be fixed/spayed at 6 months of age. If you are NOT intending to spay/fix, we highly recommend that you do not start daycare. Dogs quickly set up routine. When changing the routine at a young age, it can be detrimental to the mental health of your puppy.



7am - 4:30pm
No Doggy Daycare is available. Please consider a Board and Stay.
By Appointment Only.



7am - 8am
No Doggy Daycare is available.




Drop off: 6am - 9am Only

  • Be Sure to Drop your Beloved Dog (s) during the Morning Drop off hours. This ensures a calm, adjusted Dog (s) who transition peacefully to their Board & Stay.

Pick up: 6am - 9am & 3pm - 6pm



Drop off: 7am - 8:30am

Pick up: 3pm - 4:30pm



Drop off and Pick Up: 7am - 8am

  • We offer a 1 hour pick up or drop off on Sunday. Please be prompt as this is our only day off. Thank you for your understanding!



We schedule New Client Consults on Saturday’s between 9am - Noon.

This is a time for You and your Puppy or Dog to meet Us and Us them and You! We will take them briefly, by themselves, into our Dayroom and Play Yard to smell, sniff, and meet a few Boarders and our own Dogs on a quiet day uninterrupted. At this time we will evaluate them to see if this is the right environment for your Dog (s) or Puppy. We are very honest as your Dogs happiness is #1. If all is well, we can set up a day of daycare the upcoming week to evaluate them on a whole day with lots of Fun and Play in store! If we see they are not happy or can not handle a large daycare setting, we will call You immediately and you can pick up your Dog at once.

Doggy Daycare and Boarding should be an exciting experience for 99% of Dogs. Always follow your Dogs guide or your instinct if this is the right fit for You and Your Family. We are here to make your life easier and Guilt Free!



Pricing Information

All prices below include ‘Taste of the Wild’ a gluten free, organic meal plan, as well as healthy treats, crate rental options, fresh linens and lots of LOVE! Dogs must be up to date on immunizations including the Bordella shot (kennel cough) and flea meds. Please provide a copy at time of consultation or day of 1st service. Dogs must also be fixed/spayed by 6 months of age; verification of this is required.

Cash, Checks and all Major Credit Cards are accepted. If you have any questions about our pricing, please let us know by calling us at (207) 716-1090.  




1 Dog - $26
2 Dogs - $40
3 Dogs - $51
4 Dogs - $66
5+ Dogs Special Pricing

We are Closed for Doggy Daycare on both Saturday and Sunday.

Choose a Play and Stay night or two for Weddings, Ski Trips or Shopping Extravaganzas! Pick up Sunday Morning, 7am - 8am available for your convenience.



1 Dog - $31
2 Dogs - $56
3 Dogs - $71
4 Dogs - $100
5+ Dogs Special Pricing



Simply add the amount of day or days your pet(s) will be Boarding with us, and multiply by the rates above. Please make sure to include the drop off day. Depending on what time you pick up, the last days rate may vary.

Should your Pet require any medications, please note a $5 charge per day will be added to your rate.



We require that you provide your cat(s) food only. We will provide the litter as we use an all natural cedar.

1 Cat - $30
2 Cats - $45

Should your Cat(s) require medication, please note a $5 charge per day will be added to your daily rate.

*Paws and Claws reserves the right to change prices depending on individual needs, frequency, and challenges in regards to your Pets care.



A Happy Pet makes a Great Companion!