Paws and Claws

Cat Sitting Services

Cat Sitting Services

We offer a private room with a view for your cat or cats. Your feline can settle in on a big bed, old fashion pull out drawers build in the wall make cozy hideaways, large windows with daylight for basking in the sun and gazing at the bird feeders below, and scratching posts/toys to entertain. The owner is responsible for the Food.




We provide the litter. We use an all natural cedar litter.

Should your Cat need to be medicated, please expect to pay $5 extra per day.

We offer a discount on 2 or more Cats. Explore our pricing information here >

The Utmost Care and Attention is given to your precious Feline as well as Daily Love! We look forward to Serving You and our Cat friends.




A Happy Pet makes a Great Companion!